My name is Melody I'm 17
ask me stuff :)

Anonymous said: That's stupid why would he get mad ? What ex boyfriends are you talking about anyways

he is WAY older than me so I couldn’t see him anymore until I turn 18 & Eh you learn to just let things go and he got upset that I said we were blocked strangers I had no idea he still looked at my blog (haha hi Mannie) other ex was my longest relationship.

Anonymous said: I know mark :)

Oh cool come off anon :3 he’s my best frand 😋

Anonymous said: Did your ex get mad ?

Yea but not really he just seemed hurt and I don’t like having things like that so I took it down since he talked to me and asked nicely. The other one I took down just in case especially since it’s more recent I don’t want angry ex’s lol

Anonymous said: Problems like what ?

One of the ex’s was hurt over it so I just took it down so he would leave me alone.

Anonymous said: What are you wearing ?


Anonymous said: Last time you drank


Anonymous said: Do you have a job

Not right now. no.

Anonymous said: Yes ! Who is he ? I was going to say hi but I didn't want to interrupt your date

Oh I wasn’t on a date it was just this guy I know that is into me (I think) lol I got mad after so you should’ve said hi and yea he is pretty cute

Anonymous said: You live in la puente I think I saw you kissing some guy

Oops ahah did he kind of have a beard wearing a black beanie tall?

Anonymous said: Medication for what ?