My name is Melody I'm 17
ask me stuff :)

Anonymous said: Who did you get your eyes from ? They're really pretty

Thank you so much :) I technically inherited them from my father but since he is out of the picture I like to say I got them from my grandpa who had colored eyes too :)

Anonymous said: How did your last serious relationship end

Not sure exactly what you’re asking but um we broke up for multiple reasons it just wasn’t our thing the whole long distance relationship, he felt alone and I couldn’t do much, I never felt like I was doing enough even though I went out of my way to keep him next to me. The last couple of weeks I couldn’t talk to him but I was sure he was done with me and he was so things just ended I don’t remeber the conversation and I don’t want to.

Anonymous said: When is your birthday ?

April 3rd

Anonymous said: Favorite foundation

I don’t wear foundation anymore :(

Anonymous said: Are you single?

Yes ♡

Anonymous said: Favorite lipstick

I don’t really know the color but it’s by Rimmel in the kate collection…it’s a red one I think #10 only lipstick I wear

Anonymous said: How do you like being single ?

I can’t say that I like being single because eh it’s not great but I’m also not prepared to start dating again. I think I just get into relationships too fast and as my ex said I attach myself to people who show me attention so I’m not doing that. I can’t be with anybody rn

Anonymous said: Do something cute on Twitter

Ok doing this thing called the 20 things I love that someone special does ok it’s not bf mushy stuff mainly friends and family some ex bf stuff but all love

Anonymous said: Guys don't like sensitive girls

I’m sorry but I don’t give two shits if guys don’t like sensitive girls I don’t want to be with anybody my anxiety has pushed nearly everybody I care about away and I don’t want some loser who makes me feel worse because I’m “sensitive”. That’s me I cry a lot but that’s only because I would hold things in and it’s unhealthy.

Anonymous said: I like your I'm happy because Twitter

Aw thank you so much I made it to cheer myself an others up if there are ever any bad days like today I can look back on happy times :)