My name is Melody I'm 17
ask me stuff :)

Anonymous said: Do you eat ass

Lol I think u know the answer

Anonymous said: Why did your mom call the cops

Some moron with a gun was getting violent at my house so we had to

Anonymous said: Why won't you call that guy your boyfriend? I don't get it you are obviously dating him.

Because he’s not. I can call him what I want he doesn’t mind it’s really not your place to say anything.

oddlyenoughs-blog said: why do you stop answering questions once your ex comes up or your brother ? just wondering.

First non anon :) hi Um I get uncomfortable I feel like I’m going to say the wrong thing and upset someone so I just stop. My ex hurt me in a way and my brother nearly destroyed me I’d rather not talk about them

Anonymous said: your ex loved you so much what happened what did you do

He didn’t love me not really he cared a lot but he didn’t love me. I loved him the same way he loved me as friends. I didn’t do anything he left so many times all for the same reasons I just stopped holding back if a person wants to leave they probably have somewhere better to be. He’s probably happier now :)

Anonymous said: How did you feel when your ex cheated ? How did you handle it my boyfriend cheated on me with his ex

How did I feel? I felt so torn up like into little bits and pieces that could never be put back together the same way. Hear I go trusting this guy who insured me over and over that he was faithful and only loved me then we breakup and I find out (not from him) that he cheated and I was in denial because that wasn’t him he just talked to me that’s insane well here it is proof he did and I breakdown i go through sadness anger and finally numbness. I burned his stuff anything he gave me or reminded me of him I burned. So sorry that happened same thing did to me too. Xox babe you’ll be fine without him ♡

Anonymous said: Into that daddy shit

Hahaha no not into that “daddy shit” just because I like older guys doesn’t mean I call them daddy that’s just not my thing.

Anonymous said: Do you like old men ? Like 30 how old was the oldest guy you liked

I like people um not old guys lol I’ve been with a guy named Mannie who was 35 and I loved him and he was kind and respectful much better than the guys my age

Anonymous said: You are dating

Eh have this guy who likes me and I like him but I don’t want to call him my date or my boyfriend because he’s not. I’ve known him for a VERY long time

Anonymous said: What happened in your last serious relationship

Um it was an on and off type of relationship that started back in September but ended sometime around the summer