My name is Melody I'm 17
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Anonymous said: Die

Someone always puts this on my asks and I never respond but I feel the need to today. Why are you so negative and angry ? I will die I promise you that one day but I just want to know why spend your time being so mean and hurtful I could’ve taken that seriously and done something and it would’ve been your fault however I don’t take your foul words to heart I just wonder why ?

Anonymous said: How dd you push a car?

Ok so here’s the WHOLE story so I was selling my honda to my cousin and it is in really bad condition so I told him not to drive it he didn’t listen and he drove it to Santa Barbara. It overheated and he left it on the side of the road so my family had to go out there look for it then tow it away but the engine was pretty much done for I had to push it up this ramp and I had to drive it later on

Anonymous said: Will you start answering questions more


Anonymous said: Is masterbating bad for you or wrong?

I looked it up and I couldn’t find a reason why it would be and I don’t think it’s wrong but that’s for you to decide

Anonymous said: You act like a victim

You act like a victim

Anonymous said: Real mature

For a 5 year old yep

Anonymous said: Bet you're not a virgin

Ooo burn

Anonymous said: Why don't you just answer about your boyfriends


Anonymous said: Why aren't you answering asks ?

Hi haha happy because I am

Anonymous said: Your fault? How is it your fault you didn't do anything but defend yourself and keep a creep away from you and anyone else. You did nothing wrong honey he did and if he doesn't get to meet Michael that is his fault.

Wow. You have no idea how much I needed to hear this nobody has told me this I haven’t even been reassured not by family,friends, boyfriends etc. thank you this made my night.